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The Number of Foreigners in Turkey Has Been Announced

The Number of Foreigners in Turkey Has Been Announced


The Social Harmonization Workshop on the Personnel of the Ministry of National Education and Presidency of Religious Affairs in Bursa was held by the Directorate General of Migration Management with the cooperation of UN High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR).

Stating that those who fled from the places where they have been oppressed in every period of history found asylum in Anatolia, the Deputy Head of the Harmonization and Communication Department of Directorate General of Migration Management, Ali Rıza Beşkat, who spoke at the program, said:

'3.6 million Syrians are under the temporary protection'

“We have witnessed that migration flows increase both in number and diversification in the last periods. Today, 3.6 million Syrians are under the temporary protection in Turkey.  Again, since hundreds of thousands people have fled from Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, due to the war and oppression, to seek international protection, they live together with us in these territories. However, the people over 1 million holding residence permit and over 100 thousand people holding work permit have chosen Turkey to live. These 1 million people are not those who have fled from the war and oppression. They are the people who live together to work and set up a business in Turkey.”

According to the news of Anatolian Agency (AA), Mr. Beşkat emphasized the importance of harmonization and continued as follows:

“Today, over 5 million foreigners from 192 different nationalities are living in Turkey.  It is crucial to make harmonization activities. We regard these people beyond the numbers, who have their own lives, expectations, potentials and who can add value to our country.  However, the issue of harmonization is not a subject that can be realized by only an institution. In the first years of the Syrian migration, we engaged in the activities mainly on registration, identification, and fight against irregular migration. Nonetheless, the main issue as of today is how these people can accommodate themselves to our country. It is important for the international students whose number exceeds 150 thousand today to adapt our country.”

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