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Code of Conduct

Basic rules of behavior; we adopt to cover all our employees and customers.

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Miorec Code of Conduct include applicable and basic code of conduct regarding company employees, the institutions and organizations it gives service, business partners and candidates, and the code of conduct are based on ethical values, standards and honesty.

The most reliable business partners are known to share the core values and a mutual belief with respect to these standards is believed to be crucial to establish long-term business relationships.


All our business processes and relationships rely on the accuracy and honesty. We act on this basis in our relationships with the company employees, institutions and organizations it gives service, business partners and candidates. Upon reaching the company targets, MIOREC employees act in compliance with the law of the Republic of Turkey, international legal rules and moral values.

Business Ethics

Miorec employees carry out their duties and responsibilities on the services provided in an egalitarian, transparent, accountable and responsible manner. The employees cannot use company’s confidential and non-public information in favor of themselves and others.  

Responsibility to Employees

Miorec provides its employees with a work area that is honest, fair, transparent, safe, healthy and free from all forms of discrimination (language, race, color, gender, political thought, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability and similar reasons). While ensuring the full and correct use of employee personal rights, it favors the balance between business life and private life and supports civil society activities.

Law-abidingness and Complieance wiht Laws

While Miorec carries out our activities and operations on all services and working areas, it adopts an equal distance towards all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative bodies, non-governmental organizations and political parties without seeking any interest, and fulfill its obligations with this sense of responsibility. Miorec conducts all processes related to all working areas within the framework of international law and the law of the Republic of Turkey. The employees are expected to comply with all law, rules and regulations. 

Therefore, our anti-corruption policy is simple: No matter how small they are, no bribe or extremely expensive gifts and similar products and services that concern public officials or private business partners can be given or accepted. All our distinguished employees, business partners, service providers, contractors and other third parties we work together are expected to support our commercial activities and comply with the Miorec’s zero tolerance policy related to the bribery.

Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy

The bribery involves any money, favor, gift or entertainment given to obtain or hold a business or affect the decision-making process inappropriately. As per the anti-corruption laws, it is strictly prohibited to give, offer, receive or allow bribery. The bribery is banned by various law systems in worldwide, including the laws of your country and the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Even minor bribes may bring about legal responsibilities for Miorec and relevant persons under both local laws and FCPA.

Protechting Human Rights

We respect and promote the internationally declared human rights. We are committed to the principle of respect for human rights in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the UN Global Compact. This commitment even extends to preventing the causation and contribution a negative impact over company operations and all markets engaging in business relationships, or being connected with such an impact.

- We provide guidance on human rights policies both internally and externally. 

- We consistently review the risks, policies and due diligence processes related to human rights so as to ensure that we have the right procedures to manage all issues effectively.

Discrimination, Misconduct and Harassment

Miorec has adopted the principle of avoiding all sorts of discrimination based on language, race, color, gender, political thought, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability and similar against its employees, candidates, customers and business partners in all of its communication and work.

The violation of Miorec employees’, candidates’, customers’ and business partners’ immunity in any manner by physical, sexual and/or emotional harassment in workplaces or anywhere they are in for business reason is against the law and code of conduct and are not tolerated by Miorec in any way.


Miorec aims at ensuring the employee health and safety at workplaces and while it takes the necessary precautions, the employees act in accordance with the rules and relevant instructions.


Miorec retains any information and document regarding the employees, candidates, customers and business partners based on the scope of work within the framework of confidentiality, and ensures their protection and confidentiality. Non-public information is included in the confidential information and cannot be used in any way other than the intended purpose and shared with third parties without acquiring necessary permissions. Miorec evaluates all parties’ confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets in integration and in compliance with applicable law and regulations.

The employees are responsible for keeping all information and documents related to the business confidential, and for any reason, not disclosing directly or indirectly the information and documents to any third parties and organizations unless gaining the other party’s consent.


Suntainable Environment

Miorec contributes to the protection of the environment through its policies and actions in a sensitive manner towards sustainable environment and protection of natural life, complies with the relevant rules and endeavors to developing environmentally friendly actions for all work and business processes while supporting all activities that will increase the responsibility for the environment.


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