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Assembly/Montage Visa Application

We follow up and manage the legal processes for foreigners who will come to Turkey for assembly, maintenance, repair and training purposes. 

The foreigners who will come to Turkey for assembly, maintenance, repair and training purposes can enter Turkey by receiving a visa from a Turkish Consulate located in the country to which they are affiliated in terms of nationality or in which they officially reside.

The foreigner personnel entering the country through an assembly visa can legally work 90 days within 180 days retroactively. If the foreign personnel has stayed in Turkey with another visa type in the last 180 days, the time of such stay will be deducted from the 90-day period. For instance, a foreigner who has stayed in Turkey for 30 days in the last 180 days with a tourist visa will be able to work for 60 days after entering the country with an assembly visa.

Application Form

Mioseta completes an online visa application in accordance with the information and documents received from both the employer and foreigners prior to application, and sends the application file to the foreign address of the foreigner.

An appointment is gotten according to the foreigner’s convenience.  The foreigner personnel is expected to make application on the day and time of the appointment.

It is compulsory to book flights and hotels for online visa application. No application can be completed and no appointment can be made unless these documents are uploaded to the system. Therefore, please make sure that all flight and accommodation programs are carried out at least 3 weeks before your entry with an assembly visa.

The assembly visa is issued as multiple entries based on the Consulate to which the application is made. The foreigners having an assembly visa can work 90 days in Turkey within 180 days retrospectively during the visa validity dates. For works that will take longer periods, an “employment visa” application must be made.

Important Notices Regarding Assembly Visa

There is no obligation of payroll or insurance registration during the work period in Turkey with regards to the foreigner obtaining an assembly visa.

In EU countries, the visa fee charged for multiple entry visas is approximately € 180.


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