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Assessment Center

As Miorec, in terms of the needs specific to our customers and not defined as standard, we have the organizational ability to understand and analyze that needs, and provide boutique solution offers or business partners.

These include the applications such as the assessment center applications, organizational development projects and corporate performance management.

Assessment Center Applications

Miorec designs evaluation applications in conformity with the company needs and its organizational culture, including the role-play exercises, case studies, language exams, psychometric tests, and competency-based interviews.

The Assessment Center processes are designed and used in combination with multiple objective selection techniques to measure, examine and determine the suitability of the candidates to the relevant positions

Organizational Development Solutions

In Miorec, the project-specific solutions can be generated with our professional consultant team for the organizational development requirements of our customers. The areas such as analyzing of operational functioning of the company and decision points, determining of  main process structure and process owners, defining the process work-flows, forming the documentation of these main processes, creating job descriptions, designating the powers and responsibilities to be used by the management and executive boards, identifying  working principles of the board of directors are involved in the organizational development solutions.  The fundamental purpose of the relevant actions are facilitating the corporate performance evaluation process and ensuring the increase in the efficiency through forming the defined roles, responsibilities and processes.

We Manage Your Work and Commercial Permit Applications Required for Your Production and Commercial Projects in Europe with Experience and Professionalism.

In order to realize your projects in Germany, France, Belgium and other EU countries, consult us first.


Thanks to our industry expertise, we enable you to implement your projects, even under the difficult application conditions with the global pandemic.


We provide consultancy services throughout the entire paperwork and application process.

Minimum Risk

Thanks to our industry expertise, we enable you to implement your projects, even under the difficult application conditions with the global pandemic.

Quick Solutions
in a Short Time

We know that your projects are time sensitive and that's why we offer solutions for you to finalize bureaucratic procedures as soon as possible.

Commercial and Employment Consultancy Services for Corporate Firms for All EU Countries

You can get detailed information about the application and permission process by choosing the European Union countries you want to go to for your projects and sending them to our consultants.

With the knowledge we have gained over many years, you will receive strategic consultancy services with our knowledge of the application processes specific to each country.

  • You submit your application and meet with our consultants
  • We will contact the intermediary institutions quickly with your documents.
  • We present your projects and get your work / trade permit.

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