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Company / Branch Establishment

We enable the non-resident foreign companies in Turkey to realize their commercial activities in the country based on the reasons such as access to emerging markets and the need for new markets. We provide professional support to the companies to maintain their activities via the branches in Turkey or local corporation to be established by developing solutions specific to the companies and managing the legal processes. Due to the reasons such as reaching to emerging markets and need of a new market, the foreign companies that are non-resident in Turkey can execute their commercial activities in Turkey through their branches or local corporation to be established. The branches and companies can engage in commercial activities in contrast to the Liaison Offices.

The branches have following features:

1.) To be affiliated to the head office,

2.) To be independent,

3.) To operate in various locations,

4.) To have a joint or separate accounting,

5.) To have the capacity of conducting commercial activities on their own.

The activities in which the branch engages are required to be same or similar to that of the head office. Notwithstanding, in case a separate company is incorporated, it may operate outside the scope of the Parent Company's area of activity. The companies are obliged to be registered in the trade registry and perform their chamber registration. This obligation is stated in the Turkish Commercial Code as “The branches of commercial enterprises whose main office is in Turkey are registered and declared in the trade registry of the place where they are located.”

We Manage Your Work and Commercial Permit Applications Required for Your Production and Commercial Projects in Europe with Experience and Professionalism.

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Thanks to our industry expertise, we enable you to implement your projects, even under the difficult application conditions with the global pandemic.


We provide consultancy services throughout the entire paperwork and application process.

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Thanks to our industry expertise, we enable you to implement your projects, even under the difficult application conditions with the global pandemic.

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We know that your projects are time sensitive and that's why we offer solutions for you to finalize bureaucratic procedures as soon as possible.

Commercial and Employment Consultancy Services for Corporate Firms for All EU Countries

You can get detailed information about the application and permission process by choosing the European Union countries you want to go to for your projects and sending them to our consultants.

With the knowledge we have gained over many years, you will receive strategic consultancy services with our knowledge of the application processes specific to each country.

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