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Global Mobility

The acceleration of working life and factors which vary in the business life lead people to work more robustly day by day. In modern working life, the employees are to ensure mobility a lot and use the time efficiently. Among such mobility, Miorec offers you convenience in subjects such as office renting, company establishment, financial matters and work permit applications abroad.

The institutions can offer their personnel to work abroad as a part of their career development process and thus these personnel can catch the opportunity to boost their competences. Within these international mobility processes, the preferences and expectations of institutions and personnel may vary, and this brings about the need to manage processes. 

We support you with the solution partner in the relevant country with regards to the issues such as necessary application for personnel you will assign abroad to work legally in the country they travel to, office rental, company establishment.

Miorec, a “EURA Relocation” member since 2014, is capable of providing a support your company with its expert solution partners concerning your projects taken abroad on the following issues: 

1. Work Permit Application 

2. Office Rentals  

3. Company Establishment

4. Financial and Legal Consultancy


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